Boysan Yakar was born in Kocaeli in 1984. He was graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design in İstanbul in 2008. He spoke very good English, some French and a little Greek.

He contributed to the LGBTI activism by shooting three short films in the context of his voluntary activities at Lamdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association where he started his struggle for LGBTI persons in 2005. In 2008, he supported the establishment of The Association for Families and Relatives of LGBTI persons (LISTAG) and in between 2011 and 2013 he took in charge as the assistant director of the documentary Benim Çocuğum (My Child) which caused world and nationwide fame. After the Gezi Resistance, which started in İstanbul in June 2013 and expanded to the whole of Turkey, he ran a candidate to the membership of the City Council in local elections of 2014 with his overtly gay identity in Şişli, İstanbul – where he lived. He was supported by the LGBTI movement for his nomination and campaign. Even though he did not win the elections, he was assigned as the Mayoral Advisor by the mayor of Şişli Municipality, Hayri İnönü. As a Mayoral Advisor, he was responsible for projects in the area of social equality, human rights and equal services for LGBTI. He succeeded to include LGBTI in the Five Year Strategic Plan and Budget for the first time. On this wise, he expedited to gain equal services for LGBTI citizens by developing policies based on equality. “Equal Health Service for LGBTI” which was designed to be given free was one of his most effective projects. One of his most noteworthy projects and dream was The Social Equality Unit. The process, which began with his efforts,  came to fruition and the unit began its work in October, 2015. The Social Equality Unit is one of the very first one which works under the eight main titles and works to develop the municipality’s policies regarding the rights of LGBTIs, women, disabled individuals, minorities, refugees, children, youth and senior citizens, who experience economic, social, and cultural discrimination.

He worked as a Board Member of Şişli City Council as the representative of LGBTI community in Şişli (since July 2014) and was the first to do this with an overtly gay identity. He worked and contributed to regional and international studies on human rights struggles of LGBTI in the Middle East.


He received training from Civil Society Development Center (2006) and he was trained on local authorities and politics at SPOD (Social Policies Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association) (2013). In late April 2015, he attended Professionals Fellow Spring Program and worked as an advisor in Human Rights Campaign and received training on candidacy and campaign directing at Victory Institute & Fund Organizations by state scholarship of the USA in Washington DC. In June 2015, GLIFAA, an association of LGBTI employees of Foreign Service agencies, honored him and another LGBTI advocate and chose them to join a panel discussion during the US State Department’s annual Pride celebration. Deputy Secretary of State Heather Higginbottom was among those who spoke at the event.

He worked as a volunteer in various domains; such as İstanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee Member (since 2006) and Genetically Modified Homophobia and Transphobia Awards Organization Committee (since 2008). He was a representative of Lambdaistanbul and LGBTI Pride Week Committee in Taksim Solidarity Initiative (2012-2013). As an LGBTI advocate at Gezi Resistance, he was in the very front lines (June 2013). He also served as a volunteer at Political Representation and Participation Platform of LGBTIs in Istanbul (July 2013), served at Kadıköy City Council and LGBTI Council (since September 2014).


He was a producer and an assistant director in short films and documentaries. Furthermore, he had various pictures and works of art on gender. He, also, did translations between the years 2010 and 2012. He worked as a copywriter at Dipnot – Desibel Ajans (2013) Between the years 2008 and 2010 he worked as the assistant curator at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center and was responsible of Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin Archive and International Press Archive. Moreover, he was a performance artist. He combined his activism with his performance. He was one of the founders of the art initiative called İyi Saatte Olsunlar (2009-2013).  He had publications in severals newspapers and journals and also gave many speeches, and spoke on panels in various universities, meetings and demonstrations as well as in visual media.

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